Macy’s Toy Box

What is Macy’s Toybox?

written by Macy Martin


Quite often I am reminded of how exuberantly fortunate and blessed that I am. So many that we cross paths with daily are those of the less fortunate. We may know them personally as a classmate, family friend, an administrator or they may be one of the kids that we pass everyday in the hallway on the way to chemistry, we know their face but not their story. What defines less fortunate? It is a term not always all inclusive in regards to lacking material items. For some, being less fortunate could be anything. Those who appear on the surface, to be lacking or have less of; are the richest individuals to be met by any one of us. Not in their monetary wealth, but in their strong will, faith, and spirituality. This is exactly what became the foundation and drive of Macy’s Toy Box. I recognized at a very young age through the love and strength of my family that we were so rich in understanding for one another and blessing that I had to spread that peace of mind and joy to others, so that they might feel that comfort as well.

I turned to my parents at the age of 7 and began reaching out to the children in my community to share all that had been provided for me. I began with my very own Toy Box, hence the name of my platform.

I gathered some of my old, worn with love, and gently used toys, as well as collected some new packaged toys to hand out to emergency, law and protective agencies for young children in stressful and traumatic situations. I reached out to my school and classmates through the help of my parents and school administrators to become involved in the collection process as well. Macy’s Toy Box began to grow awareness and recognition within our community. In 2007 the City of Bryan handed a Proclamation for Macy Mekenzie Martin Day during a city council meeting. It is with great excitement that we now except donations and rally communities to start toy drives within their own organizations, and events in terms of reaching out to help us to accomplish our simple mission of love and comfort to a child in need. We have applied for a non-profit corporation status and as well are reaching into new places to help families and young children.

  I recently through my music career became acquainted with an individual that is instrumental in the Bridge Ministries in Nashville, TN. It is my understanding that due to the economic hardships that so many in our nation face today; many families are finding themselves in financial dire straights and too often ultimately homelessness. Many of these families are living out of their only possession; a car with very little to no fuel in the gas tank due to the hardship of lacking the money earned from a job. Many are on park benches with their children, some reside directly under America’s bridges. I feel that we too often turn our heads in denial that this could occur to us. Some of these individuals once said the very same thing, and came from professional backgrounds. I have a calling to reach to these families and their children, to have Macy’s Toy Box help to furnish clothing, food, and toy drives for the Bridge Ministries and other network agencies to assist to afford education and lift these families back on their feet. My music comes into play by assisting to sing at various venues to raise awareness and Tuesday services to the Bridge Families while in Tennessee.

What a better way to bring awareness than through my music to be a part in healing families of circumstance to reach out to assist regain stability they once shared with each of us and our families. I will continue to assist and increase awareness of other relief organizations through social media marketing by continuing active involvement and setting an example for others to encourage their involvement. Help me to help make a difference one child, one family and individual at a time.

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Donate or buy Tumbles the Bear today! This purchase gives your Tumbles the Bear a home through Macy’s Toy Box to a child in need. The bear will be sent to the child with a “to and from” card with your name on it! Click here for more information.